The unit comes in 4 different colors.The Water-Mark softener / filter is just 22 inches high and 9 inches in diameter. It weights about 40 pounds empty and is very stable so you can set it on the dock or ground. The commercial tank is rated at 150 PSI at 120 Deg.

portable water softener comes in 4 different colors

New 304 Stainless Steel Cap and Cover option.This is the best lifetime finish available. No other competitors finish will compare or outlast Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel will never CRACK, RUST, or FADE in the sun.

water-mark portable water softener - stainless steel unit

The Water-mark softener / filter is supplied with:

  • 1 - 48" connector hose W/female ends. "Water potable" water hose w/ heavy female ends. Safe to drink, leaves no taste.
  • 2 - Pre-filter housing with a 20 Micron Sediment Cartridge. Pre-filter’s housing is Opaque Blue to stop light. ( Other brands that sell per-filters that have clear bowls will accelerate mold growth if left in sunlight.) Housing comes with 3/4 NPT ports and a heavy solid brass female hose fitting.
  • 3 - Optional Carbon Block, Taste & Odor Cartridge, 5 Micron can be ordered if you have a taste or order problem


The Water-Mark portable boat and RV water softener softens up to 5000 gallons. Better tasting water, reduced soap scum, fewer water spots. Also reduces hard water build up and prevents rusting and scaling to extend the life of your faucets, ice maker, sinks, water heater, shower heads and wash down systems in your boat or RV. Soft water will also make food, coffee taste better because there are no minerals that can add unwanted flavor. Buy NEW at wholesale pricing


Fill your onboard boat or RV water storage tank, or install in-line on your water supply on the dock. Also, water suds up easier with less soap usage. Minimizes water spots and hard water stains caused by minerals.



Great for washing your RV and take it with you on the road so you have soft water when you hook up your RV.